Last night, we visited the Shelter, a small business-incubator/artistic community founded by the Shabib twins. The Shelter’s atmosphere was great—it had an outdoor lighted garden with couches, video screening room, upstairs lofts with computers and printers, a built-in restaurant, and tons of blenders to make fresh juice.

The evening featured a tour, a bevy of fruit beverages and appetizers, then a presentation of the #1 3-D cartoon in the UAE. Picture Toy Story 2 meets Jimmy Neutron meets four women wearing burqas with funny personalities.

We were all in for a special treat. Our Scottish singer/guitarist on hand swooned and charmed us with covers of songs by Radiohead and Dave Matthews. From a scale of 1 to 10, he was a 9.

But then our very own Shadrack “Shad” White took the stage by surprise and played and sang Mr. Jones and another Southern song I’ve forgotten because I only listen to crunk rap muzik. It might not even be a southern song but I am stereotyping bcuz he is from Mississippi.

Shad was mesmerizing. His voice tugged on my heart strings. He made some people cry. You can see the passion in his eyes and hear his soul coming out on the songs. I had never seen him sing before—i mean, in Fujairah, we shared a room, and he sang in the shower (I wasn’t in the shower with him) Under the Sea by Sebastian from the Little Mermaid in a so-so Jamaican accent.

Everyone went to sleep peacefully and dreamt of Shad.

With love, Indra

PS Also, Adam Harbison knows all the lyrics to Dreamgirls and sings it.